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Why you need GreasePro.


If you own a restaurant or commercial eating establishment, you may be unaware of the hazards that hide above ceiling tiles and on their rooftops. Greasy kitchen hoods are not only an eyesore, but also a fire hazard. The purpose of hiring a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company, or ‘hood cleaner’, is more than simply a cosmetic service. If your current hood cleaner is not cleaning the entire restaurant hood exhaust ventilation system then they’re leaving you with a major fire hazard. GreasePro is a certified company you can trust, we’ll clean your entire restaurant hood exhaust system every single time guaranteed. 




The GreasePro difference.

At GreasePro we pride ourselves on being Greenville, SC’s best restaurant hood cleaning company. We are fully insured and bonded for the protection of our customers. We do things thoroughly and meticulously. At GreasePro we take digital pictures of all services performed and keep them on file for your insurance company or local inspector’s reference. Our specialized hot water cleaning equipment and special blend of degreasers allow for the most thorough wash of your restaurant’s exhaust hood system.

“…grease vapor accumulation is one of the most serious hazards to a commercial cooking area. Proper management of this hazard, a very achievable task, would greatly reduce the risk of more serious fires.”

Phil Ackland, world renowned fire investigator


Remove the fuel, prevent the fire.

Without grease, a fire will stop. Fuel can be removed naturally, when the fire has consumed all the burnable fuel. Or manually, by mechanically or chemically removing the fuel from the fire. U. S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 8,520 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments in 2000-2004. These fires caused $190 million in direct property damage. GreasePro certified exhaust hood cleaning is vital for restaurant fire prevention.